This page is dedicated to the 1980 leavers

Well, seeing as this was my leaving year at Notre Dame I have decided to dedicate 1980 a special page! I hope you enjoy discovering old faces and reading up about your former classmates in the Web Album (next page).The photos numbers correspond to the table entries below

My photos are an amalgam from the different reunions we have had over the years, starting with the FIRST one back in 1989 which we had at the Knowles Arms in Blackburn. A very good turn out. We were starting our careers and for some of us, even our little families!

The SECOND one by my calculations was in 1992 (?) at The Spread Eagle in Mellor. Already getting a little bit more difficult to find people, many maiden names having disappeared, and you were living further and further afield!

Our THIRD reunion was in April 2002, twenty-two years after leaving the Convent! Well done to those who managed to come.

The website, certainly helped to locate some of you again.

I would really like to expand on your details, can I have your permission to publish, for instance, your email addresses? If you do not wish to appear in the Web Album or be mentioned at all for that matter, let me know. My contact email is

Obviously there are many school colleagues out there that I have never been able to trace and I am really sorry if you would have liked to come along to a reunion but didn't know when or where. If you are one of these people and you do see this site, I am hoping that you will get in touch with me and tell me a little about what you have been doing since we parted company! Don't forget, a photograph of yourself past and/or present, would also be great. I'm counting on you to help me enlarge the Web Album.

And what about those teachers?
Here are the ones I can remember. Email me with more names and if you know what became of them?
  • Senora Leonelli - French/Spanish/RE
  • Miss Moss - Latin and History
  • Mrs Caruthers - Maths
  • Madame Ronchetti - French
  • Mrs Donnelly - PE
  • Miss Eastham - Geography
  • Mrs Henderson - Needlework
  • Mrs Cook - Biology
  • Miss Latham - English
  • Miss Byrne - English
  • Miss Lawson - English/History?
  • Mrs Clark - Chemistry/Physics
  • Mr Mooney - PE
  • Mrs Jowett - Maths
  • Miss Conlon - History
  • Mrs Battachargi - Art
  • Mrs Small - Art
  • Miss Tooker - History?
  • Sister Marie Immaculata - ?

  • The tables below are an attempt to recreate the class lists for 1980. My memory isn't perfect so I'm relying on you to help me. The class picture of 5Y above, is extremely fuzzy, but it has been an invaluable aid to find some of those names!

    5Y SurnameFirst NameWeb Album?Photo?
    FEARONAmandaNot yetNot yet
    CASSIDYHelenYesNot yet
    HARTLEYCaroleNot yetNot yet
    SCHOFIELDRuthNot yetNot yet
    FITZGERALDJudithNot yetNot yet
    DOWLINGTracyNot yetNot yet
    ETHERINGTONCaroleYesNot yet
    JACKSON PennyNot yetNot yet
    KOZLOSKAWandaNot yetNot yet
    PARKERGillianYesNot yet
    WALMSLEYLucyYesNot yet
    WOJTOWITCZAnnaNot yetNot yet
    WILCOXChristineNot yetNot yet
    SAGARRachaelNot yetNot yet
    RATCLIFFELouiseNot YetNot yet
    DONNELLYSarahNot YetNot yet

    Send me more names for 5A and 5X please!

    5X SurnameFirst NameWeb Album?Photo?5A SurnameFirst NameWeb Album?Photo?
    MCHUGHElaineYes8RENWICKJillNot yetNot yet
    HARRISONCatherineYes7WAITEChristineNot yetNot yet
    LYONSDebbieYes5SWARBRICKBernadineNot yetNot yet
    JONESAmandaYes14RIDINGLizNot yetNot yet
    BOLTONClareYesYesPORTERKathleenNot yetNot yet
    BOLTONCarolynNot yetNot yetTOMLINSONHelenNot yetNot yet
    MACDAIDAngelaYes6O'HARESusanNot yetNot yet
    CHARNLEYThereseYesNot yetWARINGValdaNot yetNot yet
    GILLETTJayneYesNot yetWALSHCeciliaNot yetNot yet
    COOKWendyYesNot yet

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